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Congratulations to Team Mahapatra for being accredited by NABH, which means, Trusted with Best Patient Safety and Quality of Care. 

Kết quả xổ số việt namThis all happen due to the Dedication and continuous improvement in the Patient Care Services by Doctors, Nurses, Staff of Mahapatra Hospital.

What the NABH Accreditation Means 

NABH ensures high quality of care and patient safety, the objective of this certification process is to build a quality culture at all level and across all the function of the healthcare organization's

Outline of NABH Entry Level Certification Standards

Patient Centered Standards

  • a) Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC)
  • b) Care Of Patient (COP)
  • c) Management of Medication(MOM)
  • d) Patient Right and Education(PRE)
  • d) Hospital Infection Control(HIC)

Organization Centered Standards

  • a) Continuous Quality Improvement(CQI)
  • b) Responsibilities of Management(ROM)
  • c) Facility Management and Safety(FMS)
  • d) Human Resource Management(HRM)
  • e) Information Management System (IMS)

Benefits of Certification

  • a) Improved level of community confidence and trust
  • b) Quality And Patient Safety Into Focus
  • c) Roadmap for standardization
  • d) Patient centered culture
  • e) Systems oriented approach
  • f) Improved patient satisfaction levels
  • g) Improved healthcare outcomes
  • h) External recognition
  • i) Empanelment by insurance agencies

With the onset of COVID-19 Scenario and upcoming days of its impact, Mahapatra Hospital has come up with full online Support system , to Educate Patients and provide access to best suggestions on Health from Eminent Doctors.

A Dedicated YouTube Channel is created by Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra, to educates and Share honest guides on Health Topics in Odia Language.

The YouTube Channel is helpful For Patients in understanding the complexities of Health System in a very Simple explanation , by Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra.

" Delighted to meet World renowned Laparoscopic Gynaec surgeon, Inventor and Pioneer in Modern Surgery Dr Cameran Nezhart of California in Cuttack CME ,along with Dr Purna ch.Mahapatra, my teacher for everything " - Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra

About Dr. Camran Nezhat

Dr. Camran Nezhat, FACOG, FACS is a laparoscopic surgeon, reproductive endocrinology and infertility sub-specialist who has been called father of modern-day surgery, with his pioneering work in video assisted endoscopy.

His invention Revolutionized Surgery with demonstrating the most advanced laproscopic surgical Procedures: minimally invasive, endoscopic, keyhole, and Band-Aid surgery

He is teaching and practicing medicine and surgery as an adjunct clinical professor of surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto, California since 1993.

Camran Nezhat is also Chair of the Association of the Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Stanford University School of Medicine,and a Clinical Professor of OB/GYN at the University of California, San Francisco.

Read More About Dr. Camran Nezhat on official Website

Dr Manoranjan Mahapatra, Renowned Gynaecologst of Cuttack,Orissa, has attended the National conference of Gynaecologist at Bangalore (AICOG 2019) as an expert Panelist in a panel discussion on Cancer Ovary.

In the presence of more than 100 gynecologist, Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra demonstrated the one of the most Advanced laparoscopic hysterectomy Procedure on 19th January 2019 , here at Hazaribag,Jharkhand.

He is been there for the Demonstration as an Operative Surgeon.


  • 2 Fully Equipped Modern Operation Theatre (OT) with
  • 8 BED NICU
  • In-house Pharmacy
  • Ultrasonography by Volution p8 Machine
  • Spies HD Laparoscopy, Marcelater. Endomer, Harmonic, Vessel Swaler, C-Arm, Operative Microscope etc
  • Defibrilater.
  • Compact ICU with Gas Pipeline & Ventilator
  • Labour Room
Advanced Laparoscopy Surgery in Gynecology
Cancer Surgery

Newborn, or Neonatal, Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is an intensive care unit designed for premature and ill newborn babies.

Additionally, Critical Delivery Patients management is supported by the Advanced 8 beded NICU back up having trained Staffs & Neonatalogists.

Regular Consultation  on Obstetrics and gynecology is done at the Hospital.

O & G Consultation every Day on appointment with Experienced Gynologist Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra